Mark Tanenbaum



Mark Tanenbaum was the founder and president of Corporate Art Services in Winter Park, Florida, a nationwide pre-framed art line with showrooms across the United States. Mark sold that company in the year 2000.

At Fenwick Bartel, Mark has incorporated his discerning eye for selecting great art, and has based all of his fabric and wallpaper designs from original artwork.

Mark's vision to produce a product that captures all the nuance and essence of  original works of art, and incorporate that into exquisitely printed fabrics and wallpaper is now a reality. He created a product where one sees ART on fabric, and ART on wallpaper, not a mere repeat design pattern, which so prevalent in the market today.


We strive to be the most innovative firm in the textile and wallpaper industry, priding ourselves on superior customer service and great value on our high quality US produced merchandise.

We produce our 232 designs on wallpaper, "Floorpaper" (our newest product), 100% cotton fabric, "Vegan Leather" upholstery fabric, and Giclee wall art, at our facilities in Hollywood, Florida. You can customize the scale on any of our designs to suit your individual needs.


Our website displays the retail price for all our products, so that architectural and interior design firms may utilize our website when making selections with their clientele. We sell only to the trade and offer the usual discounts to all accredited interior designers, architectural firms, interior design studios and furniture stores.


Our wallpapers are both Vinyl or PVC-Free, Class A Fire-Rated, Type II Commercial Grade products, printed with non-toxic, GreenGuard Gold Certified UV Gel inks, suitable for hospitals and nursing homes. We sell our wallpaper by the roll, 52"wide by 12' long. The wallpaper retails at $399 per roll. You can reduce the scale of the designs right on our website (in the "Design Scale" dropdown box). 


This is the latest addition to our product line. We offer a durable, heavy duty, self-adhesive vinyl floor-covering  that can be purchased with any of our 232 designs printed on it. The repeat patterns match up just like on our wallpaper. The "Floorpaper" can be removed at any time, leaving no glue residue. It comes 52" wide by whatever length is required. It retails at $10 per square foot. You can change the scale of the designs right on our website (in the "Design Scale" dropdown box). 


Our 100% cotton Warp Satin fabric is sold by the yard. It can be used for drapes, throw pillows, and lined shower curtains. We also offer a heavier commercial grade upholstery fabric with soil and stain release called "Vegan Leather", which is a blend of synthetic fabric and 18% cotton. You can reduce the scale of the designs right on our website (in the "Design Scale" dropdown box). 


We will custom create Giclee wall art that will be compatible with any of our 232 designs. We will print the art on either 100% acid-free artist's paper with archival aqueous inks, or on artist's canvas with either latex or UV gel inks. The Giclee art is priced at $15 per square foot retail.


Actual colors and tones of our products may vary slightly from how they appear on a computer screen, iPad or smartphone. We cannot be held responsible for those variations. However, we send out free 8"x 8" printed samples for you to approve the actual colors prior to placing your order. 



Come visit us in our showroom located at 2901 Simms Street, Suite G, Hollywood, Florida, Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm. Call us at 786-654-8600 or email us at Info@FenwickBartel.com with any questions you may have.

Innovative Designs. Superior Customer Service. Great Value.