Our Vinyl "Grasscloth" wallpaper is available in over 2,000 PANTONE colors.

Gracloth Samples

I am excited to announce that Fenwick Bartel's vinyl "Grasscloth" wallpaper is available in over 2,000 PANTONE colors!!

This means you can perfectly match your wallpaper to any color scheme you desire.

(Check out the perfect match above of the PANTONE 218 C Pink color chip against our wallpaper sample!)

Email me a request for a sample of whatever (coated) PANTONE color you need, and I'll send you a free 9" memo, like you see in the photo above.

The 3" solid color squares you see above, in the corner of each memo, were made as a way for you to match your PANTONE chips against the colors we print. (See in the photo above).

Aside from printing the exact PANTONE color you request, we add a secondary lighter tone in the "Grasscloth" to give your wallpaper the nuance, depth, and tonality you'd expect in a natural Grasscloth.

This means you will have both the exact color you ordered, PLUS an additional lighter tone added to the "Grasscloth" pattern. (See in the photo above).

If you prefer to have the wallpaper just the one solid color, we are happy to oblige. You will still have the "Grasscloth" texture showing underneath.

Our 20 ounce vinyl Grasscloth wallpaper is also type II commercial grade, and GreenGuard Gold certified, making it totally VOC-free for use in all public spaces, nursing homes and hospitals.

Easy to clean, and resistant to fading, our seamless vinyl Grasscloths are the perfect choice for both your residential and commercial projects. Plus, everything is printed at my Hollywood, Florida facilities!

Feel free to call me at 786-654-8600 or email me with any questions you may have at Mark@FenwickBartel.com.